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How to Change the Keyboard on Your Android Smartphone

Keyboard on Your Android Smartphone

Android mobiles are known for all their possibilities when it comes to changing the design and options of the system, something that even allows us to change and customize the keyboard on Android to our liking. There are different layers of customization, although this is not a dilemma or problem to achieve it, since as a general rule we find Gboard or SwiftKey on phones.

Keyboard on Your Android Smartphone

In case we have chosen to install other keyboards, we will not have these options, but we can always change the mobile keyboard again in a few simple steps. Once we have the one we like the most, we just have to follow the steps that we are going to show you, with the intention that you change the design, color or shape of the keyboard that you use to send messages, search or many other things.

Customize the Google keyboard on Android

For all those who have the Gboard keyboard on their mobiles, which includes users with Xiaomi, Realme, Google Pixel or Motorola smartphones among others, there are many customization options built into the keyboard without having to do anything more than choosing our style. and configure it. To take action, we will have to go to an app where we use the keyboard, such as the notes app.

  • When the keyboard unfolds, we play on the three points.
  • In your options, we will first touch on Theme.

At this point, we will come across many styles to choose from. We can choose to set the default keyboard of the system and so when we switch to dark mode, the keyboard will do the same. Among the possibilities, we also see degraded or themed keyboards. When choosing one of them, it will give us the possibility to border the keys or not, which will depend on our preferences.

More Gboard keyboard options

Although the style and customization of the keyboard is very important, we cannot lose sight of the possibility of adding options, removing them or changing other sections. In the Google Gboard keyboard, we have many possibilities to make every detail of the keyboard to our liking and therefore we just have to touch the three points again and then choose Settings. This will give us access to several options based on writing, and especially preferences, from where we can do all this:

Phone's Keyboard

  • Activate the row of numbers on the keyboard.
  • Show quick access to emojis.
  • Use a one-handed mode.
  • Change keyboard size.
  • See suggestions for emojis.
  • Sounds when pressing keys.
  • The vibration of the keys.
  • Expand keys.
  • Pulsation delays.
  • Spelling corrections.
  • Swipe to write.

Change the SwiftKey keyboard layout

Whether your mobile is from Samsung or Huawei, as well as other brands or you use SwiftKey because you think it is a better keyboard, you will also be able to customize it. Changing the layout of the SwiftKey keyboard is quick and easy, with many options intended to give us a better experience. To begin, what we must do is:

  • We play in the three points of the keyboard.
  • Click on Topics.

By touching this button we will come across a gallery of themes available to download and apply to the keyboard. By changing to your tab we can choose between those that we have previously downloaded and finally, we can put photos on the mobile keyboard by going to the customize tab.

How to Customize the Intensity Of Color on the Mobile Screen

Color on the Mobile Screen

The screen is the central element of any smartphone. Be it more powerful or less, more expensive or cheaper, everything that the terminal offers us will be through its screen. And personalizing the experience of using this is the best we can do. So you can customize the color of the mobile screen.

Color on the Mobile Screen

Like everything in life, for color tastes, and in the case of our phones it depends not only on how the phone panel shows the colors, but also on how our eyes perceive them. That is why it is important to calibrate the colors and adapt them to our tastes.

Choose the Intensity Of The Color

This is a very common setting on Android phones, in fact, all phones offer a setting that allows us to customize the color experience with the screen of our terminal. For this there are different settings that can give us an appearance of the colors more to our liking, and with which we feel more identified, and above all, we enjoy more of what appears on the screen. To do this, what we must do is access the phone’s screen settings.

Once inside the screen settings, we will find these within the screen section. There we will find a setting that is called different according to the manufacturer. For example in the case of Samsung, it is called ” Screen mode ” in the case of Realme it is called ” Screen color mode ” in Motorola it is simply called ” Colors ” and for example, in Sony Xperia, it is shown as ” Color range and contrast «. In all of them more or less the same available settings are always shown.

How to Change Color

Since we can choose between three types of color intensity, one predetermined, another with colder colors and another with more intense colors. The color that we are going to see in all areas of the phone depends on this setting, from its home screen to games and applications. Everything will visually depend on this setting. Therefore this is the most direct way to personalize the colors of the screen of our mobile, something that also adjusts the contrast.

The Importance of Brightness

When we configure the color intensity we must also take into account the brightness with which we normally use the phone screen. This is an ideal setting to have a balanced color gamut. If we have automatic brightness, it may give us a bit of the same, but if we normally have very high brightness parameters configured, it might be more convenient to choose a medium or low colour intensity.

By increasing the brightness of the screen, the colors are already more intense. If we choose the most intense color setting of the phone and at the same time have the brightness at full capacity throughout the day, especially indoors, we will notice a very saturated colour, which is probably not true to reality. Therefore, the choice of color intensity will also be directly related to the usual brightness adjustments we make.

How does it influence the display of the camera?

Well, if we choose a very intense color setting, it is possible that when we take pictures with the phone, in the camera’s viewfinder we find a scene that is not finally going to be the one that is reflected in the photograph. Therefore we should always adjust the color intensity of the screen to a more faithful way so that later we are not disappointed when taking photos.

It is not uncommon to see a photo preview with very intense colours, precisely because the screen shows them that way, and then check that the photos do not have the same intensity. So in those moments, we have to edit the photos afterwards.

Do tests before deciding

So it is not just a matter of choosing a display tone that is more to our taste, but that it adapts well to all facets of the phone, and above all, it is as faithful as possible to reality. Therefore, although it is a simple adjustment, the display as a whole does not depend only on this, but we must take into account how it will affect other parameters of the terminal that we use daily.

It does not hurt that we try to use the phone screen with a different color intensity during different periods of time, so we can better appreciate the differences between the different types of visualization and how they affect the different visualization areas.