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Tips for Shooting Photos at Night with Your Phone

Nighttime Photos With Your Smartphone

One of the technologies based on artificial intelligence that has spread the most in recent years for the different brands and models of mobile phones has a name and surname, the night mode. Each one integrates it in its own way and means that to use it we have to follow different steps. Sometimes you just have to slide your finger, but at other times to activate the night mode of the camera on Android we have to complicate things.

Nighttime Photos With Your Smartphone

With the passage of time, this night mode has been improved so that with the minimum light and increasing the exposure time, we can photograph scenarios that were impossible before. We can continue to use flash, but in most cases the use of night mode offers us a more satisfactory result and we do not need artificial lights.

Activate night mode on Samsung mobiles

The different Samsung Galaxy smartphones have an advanced night mode, which uses artificial intelligence to obtain the best result. To take advantage of it, we only have to open the camera and scroll through its quick options to the “More” section. Here we see a series of options, among which we will see the mode called “Night”. When activated, the settings will be applied to enhance low-light photos.

Take photos in night mode with Xiaomi phones

The Chinese firm Xiaomi also has its own night mode, which changes slightly in MIUI 12 to the new menu of photographic options. We will have to touch on the “More” section to be able to find that button that gives way to the night mode of the camera in Xiaomi. However, some smartphones in the entry range under the Redmi sub-brand will not be able to use it.

How to use the camera night mocho on Huawei

For its part, Huawei also has a night mode for photos that achieves very good results. To use it we will have to go at the bottom to the section called “Night” and from here we can adjust some parameters such as ISO or time to give the result a little personality.

Night mode on Realme camera

Realme smartphones also have a photo night mode that is the same on all models with Realme UI. We just have to access the native camera application and tap on the button called “Night” at the bottom. Then we will take the photo and see how the result changes completely.

Night photography on OnePlus phones

The OnePlus company does not run out of its own night mode and offers us the possibility of activating it with a simple gesture and button. When accessing the camera we have a black space at the bottom, which if we slide night gives the possibility of activating the so-called OnePlus Night Landscape with which the result will be very different.