How to See Your Notification History in Android

Notification History in Android

Since its inception, mobile devices have incorporated notification systems. At first, these only served to alert of calls and text messages. Over time, more types of notifications were added, designed to notify the arrival of an email or the news available on your favourite social network. Nowadays, developers have incorporated notifications to all kinds of applications and, thanks to them, we receive a large amount of information. But what if you have deleted an important notification? How can you get it back?

Notification History in Android

How to enter the notification history on Android without applications

The easiest way to see your latest pending notifications on Android is by using the notification curtain. Just swipe down from the top of the screen. The quick settings will appear and, next to them, all your notifications.

  • Of course, your latest notifications are also available on the lock screen.
  • However, Android keeps a record of the notices it has received recently. To access that history, go to the home screen and long press until the launcher controls appear. Then, click on Widgets .
  • Locate the Settings section and add the only widget available to the home screen.
  • Select Notification log.
  • Finally, click on the shortcut you just created to view the notification log.

You can access this section as many times as you want to see the Android notification history.

How to create a notification history on Android with apps

Here are some apps to help you create your own notification history.


Notisave is an application that will help you create a history of all the notifications that come to your phone. But, unlike the Android notification log, it has some advanced options. You can get Notisave quickly and safely using the download link you have on this page.

Notification History Log

  • Once installed on your device, grant the necessary permissions. You must allow Notisave to access the storage and notifications. When configured correctly, you will have three basic functions. First, a section called Unread, where you can consult the notices that you have not read yet.
  • Second, a groups section, where it is possible to create custom groupings with your notifications.
  • And finally, Saved. This is where a history of all your notifications is created and where, even after a while, you can recover all the information they contained when you received them.
  • It is important that you remember that Notisave begins to create the notification history the moment it is installed. Therefore, if what you want is to consult the notices received before its installation, we recommend that you put the first method of this article into practice.

Notification History Log

The second application that we show you are the Notification History Log. After installing it, all you have to do is access to Advanced History.

  • On the next screen, you will be able to check the complete history of notifications received.
  • Notifications are grouped by applications. Click on them to see more details of your notifications.
  • Additionally, you can bookmark your preferred notifications. In this way, it is much easier to retrieve them later.

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